Monophonic Keyboard staff

Hi everybody,

hope you’re feeling better after having solved most problems that occured after DP3 launch.

As I play and write music for different monophonic synths (e.g. Minimoog), I would be glad about having a keyboard player just with a single staff :wink:

I don’t think that it is too complicated to create it :stuck_out_tongue:

Halion provides a couple of synth sounds that can be connected to that sort of player.

Perhaps you can integrate one in the next minor update…



You can do this yourself:

  1. Create a (solo) player holding a piano or synth instrument.
  2. Select the rest at the start of bar 1, on the bottom staff, right-click, go Staff > Remove Staff.

Alternatively, use Layout Options > Vertical Spacing to Hide Empty Staves, making sure to tick the option to allow individual staves of grand-staff instruments to be hidden.

Thanks, pianoleo!!