Monophonic midi in cubase 7.5


I’m using monophonic synthetizers whose can handle multi midi tracks.
I have an issue with chord tracks.
Currently, i must record a single midi track, then manually separate it in 3 or 4 tracks depending of the chord polyphony.
Is there a simple automatic way to do it ?

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Well, the simple way of doing it is to use a polyphonic instrument for playing chords. :wink:

I think there was some new, clever additions to the Logical Editor in Cubase 12 that can separate out highest/lowest note. I would look there if you’re on version 12.


Thanks that’s what i thought.
Nop, never see my there, the cubase 12 logical presets should be imported on cubase 7.5.
However, i do need something that split low note chord, mid note chord, and high note chord,
not, lowest or hightest note… I’m sure i’ve seen this preset in cubase 7.5 logical editor…
I could effectively put the synthetizer in polyphonic mode, but that would ruin the original device compatibility, which i simply cannot do.

The idea would be that you, by using the logical editor, “find” the highest note in the polyphony, extract it to a new MIDI Part and remove it from the original. Then you can run the logical editor preset again for the “mid note” in your triad.
Keep in mind that this is purely hypothetical from my side as I have never attempted to do anything like this.

Yes, i thought about this, however, i’m not sufficiently competent with the logical editor, so it’s much faster by selection removal.
I thought that by the time, this would be added to the logical editor preset…
Also keep in mind that i’m making music not program, just thinking about this in the sesion would ruin the creativity.

And it might have already. But you wouldn’t know since you’re running a version that is almost 9 years old.

I would do setup work like this when not in a session.

Might or it is and please confirm for 11, i haven’t the license for 12.
If you could give the preset name also, but i’m sure it isn’t…
It’s not my fault if you don’t support the users but the os makers…
And it’s pointless to use an OS which isn’t made for music…
What do you think, that’s what 'm already doing.
Session vs Setup/work session, it’s not possible othewise with computer daw, only hardware allow realtime creativity…

This will work quite easily although there are several ways to separate the notes. The key to all of them is to be able to Select the Notes based on their Position in the Chord. Here’s an example of doing that. Notice that you count the position from the bottom up starting with 0 (because that makes it so easy).

You could for example Select each individual harmonic line and assign them to different MIDI Channels. Then you could just switch the Channel the synth is listening to to change lines.

Or start with all the Notes Muted and then Select a line and Un-Mute it.

Or Select a line and set all its Notes to a Voice (Alto, Tenor, etc.) and then you could build Presets to Mute based on the Voice.

Personally I’d avoid Deleting Notes as a way to separate the lines because that way you’d need to manage having a bunch of different MIDI Parts lying about.

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Thanks a lot that’s indeed a constructive answer.
I will try on my next chord track.
I quite not understant all because logical effect is more a computer effect than a musical effect, so i’m not familliar with it’s use, but will play with regarding what you say.
As soon as i can make separate midi track from the chord. that’s ok.
The legacy synthetizer use only 9 tracks so no issue with the bunch of different MIDI Parts lying about! And it’s a monophonic multipart one, even if the one used here to make the track can do polyphonic multipart… Compatibility as the way of making the tracks like on the original device are very important.

I meant it more as a management issue for you and keeping the Project from becoming excessively cluttered rather than how the synth deals with them.

True. But rather than thinking of is as an “effect” - computer or otherwise - you might think of it is a way to automate tasks that you’d prefer not to do by hand. You could manually select the lowest Note in each Chord but, depending on the size of the piece, that could involve a lot of mouse clicks and take some time to accomplish. With the Logical Editor, once you comfortable with how it works, it would take you a couple of minutes max to build a Preset that Selects those same notes and literally a moment to execute it.

Not applicable, the project isn’t cluttered at all.

The issue isn’t the concept well described, and on which i’m agree, but the dificulty to works with without people like you for helping us in this totally different way working plugins. (it’s not knob tweeking, but programming logical)