Montage and CD building..

Have created an audio montage by converting from my Basic CD dialog (as I needed some further processing). Now, a decision has been made to lose one of the songs in the middle of the running order and add a new song to the end of the running order.

From within montage window, I’ve managed ‘losing’ the song in the middle of running order, and bringing all subsequent tracks back in time to close the gap; now, I’m stuck at adding a new song (with CD markers and proper gap etc) at the end.

I’ve looked in the help as much as I can cope; nothing I do seems right - so obviously, I’m not understanding some concept or other.

I cannot see ‘File’ -> ‘Add Track’ anywhere; dragging a file (from browser or wherever) into the Basic CD tracklist window is not allowed. Opening my new song file in a new Audio file workspace and dragging the wavefile ‘Tab’ into the Basic CD track list window, doesn’t work. Inserting a new file at the end using right-click from inside the montage window, adds the song (new clip) but how do I get CD markers to go with it, and get it included in the overall CD project burn…?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


You can slide the CD end marker to the right place, then add a CD splice marker (or separate track end/track start markers if you prefer) at the start of the new track by right-clicking on the bar at the top that the markers are in.


Thanks for that Paul - I will get round to trying this method in the morning. Will report back… :wink:


Finally got to try this - after a little more digging, thank you again Paul; this has worked (though, couldn’t find any CD end marker - maybe you meant the last marker on the last clip…? There is no ‘CD End Marker’ as such…?)

Sure. The CD tracks can be marked by start and end markers. The first and last markers of the CD must be of those types, but in between there is the option to use a splice marker to end one track and start the next. If you in fact use an end marker and a start marker in a separate place, you get a pregap, which the player may show by counting the track time from a negative number up to zero. If there is sound in the pregap, you must set the WaveLab flag to allow it.