Montage clip shorter than 20 ms?


I cannot make my montage clips shorter than 20ms. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

This is on purpose. Creating ultra short clips should be very uncommon. This limit is here to prevent creating “invisible” clips, easily forgotten.
What is your user case?

I’m doing some research where I must add many very short clips together.

It’s still possible to cut Audio Files shorter than 20ms. It seems weird that if you paste them into a montage you can move them around and play them, but as soon as you start to manipulate their length, they get the length of 20ms. Also, you already have a safeguard for very short files. I pasted in a 1ms long clip and zoomed out all the way, I could still see the clip so it doesn’t vanish.

The point is ofcourse that a 1 ms clip vanishes when it’s in a montage with ‘normal’ length clips, say 3-7 minutes. Not when it’s the sole clip in an empty montage. IMO, 20 ms is already a very low limit.

I see a clear case for a user-chosen parameter.


Well if you need to have clips shorter than 20ms then 20ms is not so very low limit. :slight_smile:

I can understand it’s not very common to use such small clips but why not let the user decide? I’m guessing that most users of Wavelab is pretty tech savvy anyway since it’s a pretty complex program.


Agreed. I was merely saying that for the average user a 20 ms clip (or smaller even) is extreme and can easily be overlooked. But sure, I have nothing against a user option to select other than 20 ms.