Montage Connect VST (mac)

Morning, I’ve tried everything with VST plugin talking to Yamaha Montage7 keyboard. I’m on mac, using their AI v10. I’ve updated Cubase, I’ve updated the Montage to latest firmware. I’ve double checked the permissions on mac (new macbook) that all the cubase software and plugins have permission to files, audio, etc… And this was new to me, because the PC side does not have that nice lock down permissions options. I just moved from PC cubase to mac cubase.

The Montage connect does not talk to the keyboard for some reason. I’m going to re-visit the keyboard settings, but from my research, the MIDI setting set to USB is what user manual stated, not sure if there’s any other things.

I can record song great with cubase and montage, midi working great, audio recording great, so far everything seems good with midi and audio w/multi tracks.

Any guidance or help would be great, I’m just creating a patch/project for each song in cubase, would be nice getting this montage connect working. And it worked great on the PC side. I miss having the patches with each song in cubase. Takes me back to the system exclusive days when I was having cakewalk gather them from about 5 keyboard in my midi chain.

Thanks for reading, Rob, Texas

I got my Montage Connect working on 2020 Mac book pro, wow! I had tried everything except updating the (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver).

I’m thinking the USB driver for MAC that was working with Cubase, needed the Steinberg version to work 100%. As usual, update every possible driver, OS and firmware and things then work.

I’m enjoying the forums, merry Christmas and have good holidays with the family. Rob in Houston.