MONTAGE: Delete overlap when moving clips

How to automatically delete overlaps when moving and overlapping clips in a montage?
I’d like to see an option which decides whether you automatically create a X-fade, just overlap clips, or automatically deletes any overlapping…

Niek/ Amsterdam

automatically deletes any overlapping

What do you need this for?


When I drag a clip over another clip’s beginning or ending , it may come in handy that that clip is automatically being truncated, instead of being crossfaded.
I need it in this montage where a certain song suddenly “breaks in” in another song.

Niek/ Amsterdam

There is no option for this. You need to do it in 2 times. First resize one clip, then move the other.

OK; seems logical to me on 1 hand, on the other hand though: this “omission” doesn’t give one the opportunity to experiment how an edit would sound after one has drawn a clip over another…one always needs to make the 2 edits before one can listen to the result…

There is, however, a trick to achieve almost what you want. Choose this option:

Now, set a minimal fade-in (could be 2 samples…), then move the right click over the left clip. You get what you want… just a very minimal xfade.

Just checked it; it’s a great workaround.
Thanks so much!

Or you could work with the montage as two stereo tracks … each clip alternately on track 1 or track 2.

This allows for very precise positioning without effort.

Yes. 99.9% of my projects have two stereo montages tracks for this reason, it’s much easier to manage what’s going on compared to doing it on one track.

In fact when you insert some audio files into a montage and the pop up box asks you how to insert them, I think it was my feature request to "Stagger Files on Two Alternating Tracks (Linear). For me, it’s the most common EP/album setup.

That makes 2 great workarounds/ alternatives.
I just learned a great new workflow, thanks.

Niek/ Amsterdam.