"Montage does not have a sample rate of 44100 Hz" error...

Trying to burn an audio CD from a montage set at 48kHz with Crystal Resampler and Apogee dither on the Master Channel bringing everything down to 16/44.1 but I’m getting the following message whenever I press the “Write Audio CD or DDP…” button:

The Audio Montage does not have a sample rate of 44100 Hz. This value is required to burn a CD.

Rendering to a Basic Audio CD screws with the CD markers and pushes them all like it’s not doing the proper maths to convert the timings from 48kHz to 44.1kHz (and very much like the problem I had over Christmas time with the demo of Wavelab 8.5).

I’ve never had this problem before, what’s going on here?

Only in WaveLab 8 you can burn a non-44.100 k montage (with the Crystal Resampler plugin).