Montage Edit Tab Extend Options Dimmed Out

Audio Montage- Edit Tab - Time Selection - Extend button - the options “from playback position to end of file and from playback position to start of file” are always dimmed out no matter what I select or change with cursor, shortcut keys don’t work either. When using a file in the audio editor these same options work fine. ’
Any ideas whats going on here?

I don’t know the answer, but it made me notice that in the audio editor and the montage, “Range - Cursor until end of file” doesn’t seem to work correctly with 88.2 and 96k files.

Yes funny you should say that bob99, I found a similar glitch when I’m using 48hz file in the Montage and I try to use one of the extend presets like “select 1 second around cursor” it makes some random selection somewhere else on the clip, on the other hand if my audio file is 44hz everything behaves as expected, As you said this still doesnt answer the original question but it is something to observe so one doesnt become frustrated trying to do something the program seems to have trouble with.

It’s simple, really. These selections are only useful in the audio editor, since there you have an end of file. There’s no such thing in a montage - which file do you want the end of, and is that end really used within a clip?

Maybe the option should simply not show in the Audio Montage context.

I would tend to agree with you Arjan about how it’s worded, but there are “Range - end of file” controls in the montage like those noted above, that are enabled and work “as expected” (at 44.1 anyway). Because of that I would agree with the op request to enable the Extend functions in the montage also. As it is there’s no consistency one way or the other.

Because the functions also don’t work correctly at higher sample rates in the audio editor, indicates a bug.

The Dimmed Out is a bug. The “end of file” should actually be the end of the last clip.

And the preset applied to audio file/montage other than 44.1, are malfunctions that need a correction.

Steinberg support has replied and said all those options should be available in the Montage, I sent screen shots of what I’m experiencing, I will post what comes of it.