Montage Meta-Normalizer Question

In the Montage Meta Normalizer, what does “Top Of Loudness Range” mean and how does it differ from Maximum Short-Term Loudness?

Whatever it is seems REALLY good. I thought the Maximum Short-Term Loudness was going to be my preferred option but “Top Of Loudness Range” seems to be what I want.

Can you explain how it’s calculated? There is a brief description in the manual but it’s not all that technical.

what does “Top Of Loudness Range” mean

“Loudness Range” refers to the R128 defintion of “Loudness Range”.
This is before all a mathematical formula, but to make it more clear: the loudness varies between an average minimum (which excludes silences), a maximum one (which excludes short peaks).
What you refer to, is this last value.

Thanks. I’ll have to think about this more when I have time. Basically, I had about 20 unmastered live recordings of different artists. I wanted to use the meta-normalizer to get all the songs at the same level for a good starting point.

To my ears, “Top Of Loudness Range” was much more natural than “Maximum Short-Term Loudness”. A few songs needed some manual adjustment but it was very very close. Such a good feature for things like this.