Montage - 'replace audiofile' - NOT updating new file name!

Wavelab 8.5.1 64bit
Win8.1 Pro 64bit

I’ve created a montage ‘CD ready’ project but when I use the ‘replace audio file’ function, on the first file (CD track 1) in the montage the new replacement file is correctly placed into the montage but the file name is staying the same as the old/previous file :astonished: !!!

This has been a total mind-f**K for me as I cant tell if I’ve updated a file or not with it’s latest version.

It appears to only be broken on the 1st file/track in any montage that’s been prepared using the CD wizard. The replace audio function works correctly on all other tracks - updating the filenames as you’d expect.

This happens even after closing/quit/restart/opening the same montage - still the old filename is displayed but the audio has been changed/referenced to the new file!


I have also noticed that at times, the name shows on the clip/region in Wavelab montage does not update to the replaced version. I sometimes have to go to the “Files” tab to make sure Wavelab is referencing the file I want it to.

I have also had cases where the name shown on the clip/file does change to the newly replaced file name.

I could never understand why it only works sometimes.

I would personally like the name of the new clip/file to be displayed rather than Wavelab continuing to show the old name.

for me when it ‘breaks’ the old filename is still shown in all available reference points/windows (files tab/clips tab/CD markers etc.) there’s absolutely no clue as to what file is actually in use!

If the clip name is exactly as the old file name, the clip will inherit the new file name. Else that means the clip name was changed by you and in that case, WaveLab keeps that name.

Maybe we need a separate option that says “replace audio file and change clip name in montage”.

I do remember discussing this in the past, and somebody had a good reason to have Wavelab NOT change the clip name.

However, I think I would ALWAYS want the visible clip name to change so I know it’s the right version in the montage.

For example, I make a montage for a client but we have to rework one song outside of Wavelab montage. Now I have a new file for the song named “Client Song V2”. I make sure that the file is trimmed to the same length and want to simply replace “Client Song” with “Client Song V2” in an existing montage. When I replace the original file with the new one, I would certainly like to easily see that V2 is the file now in the montage in the clip name. It’s concerning to me when the clip name doesn’t update.

The CD track marker name and CD-Text name would all remain the same as original, but the name on the visible clip should change to the new name. This way makes sense to me.

I think that was me. When I do radio production, the clip name indicates more the type of audio, which remains the same even if the wave behind it is different. Station calls for instance, or name jingles and such.

But, I’m all for an option to have the clip name change with the file name behind it - just not as default behaviour please…

I still have this issue.
The problem is that the clip-name does not update within the clip itself and in the “clip view” either.

I made a test with a first clip named “Testclip” and then I replaced it with a clip named “Hero”.
The bad thing is that the name is not updated in clip-view and in the clip itself and it does not show up in the CD-view…

…and this is very
unpleasant because you don’t know what is the correct clip/material you are working with.

Where can I see the REAL name of the clip in my montage?

Is there a workaround yet?

My latest try:
I copied the original clip “Testclip” to have a second clip in the montage. Then I tried to replace the second clip with my “Hero”-clip to have two different songs in the montage.

After this I had two clips sounding different but having the same names in clipview, in the clips itselves and in the CD-wizard. This is really strange.

Do you use this function?

If the clip name was the same as the old file name, then the clip name is updated with the new file name.
If the clip name was NOT the same as the old file name, then the clip name is NOT updated with the new file name (WaveLab assumes you don’t want to change the clip name, as you changed it).

This has always been a strange thing for me.

Sometimes replacing a clip with a new file shows me the new name right on the waveform in the montage. If the original clip was named “Song Title” and I update it with “Song Title 02”, sometimes I see that shown on the waveform which is a nice reassurance that the file is really updated.

There have been times where replacing the clip doesn’t update the view of the name.

I could see an argument for both ways but I certainly always want the clip name to update to what’s really there. Of course the marker names and CD-Text metadata should remain the same though.

PG, that makes sense to me as to how it should work. Because I never manually change a clip name to be something other than the file name, it should work as I expect (in my case, the clip name should always be what the file name is, even after replace). If a user’s methodology is to never manually change the clip name, then on replace it should always update the clip name to be the new file name. Still in some cases I’ve noticed what jperkinski described - the clip doesn’t update with the new file name, so I’m not sure this is working as you say in all cases. Don’t have a specific example, but will test again.

Yes, I understand the idea, PG.

But in my case sometimes it does not update the name in any region of Wavelab.
That seems to be a misbehaviour of WL.

Some here have the same issue as me: bob99, Planet Adam and Jperkinsky.

I think I understand better what’s going on here. If you ever edit the name of a clip, it will always have that edited name, even if you replace the clip with a new file with a different version number, date code, or different name all together.

I think this would certainly be best an option to either always show the true clip name, or always show edited clip names.

I think you can see what the true source file is by looking at the “Files” tab in the specific tools window. I’ll attach a screen shot where you can see this. In the case of a project I am working on right now. I had to repopulate the session with new files with V2 added to the file names. They all updated except the first song because I previously had to manually alter that clip name due to the excessive periods/dots in the song title. Now when I update that clip to V2, the V2 and true clip name doesn’t appear in the montage. If I look at the files tab I can see that the source file is right. Not ideal but it’s something.

More annoying is something I just am noticing now, maybe it’s related to updating to 10.10.3 but when I go to replace file…it brings up a file browser but that browser always defaults to my “documents” folder rather than the last folder I used in Wavelab. This really slows things down since all the files I need to repopulate are in the same folder (not the documents folder). Too much mouse clicking involved now.

In one case, closing Wavelab and reopening made Wavelab remember from that point what folder I last used to “replace audio file” so when I go to replace the next song, the correct folder is already open.

Yes, I can confirm this.
No update in the clips tab and within the clip itself, but the file tab shows the correct name.
Thank you for the attachment.

But there is no explanation why this happens sometimes and sometimes not.

lucky909091, I can’t replicate what I was talking about, so I think it’s working as PG intended. In your case, was your clip named “Testclip” originally? (normally the clip would originally inherit the name of the soundfile. so your original soundfile was named “Testclip”?) Or did you change the clip name to Testclip at some point? If you did change the clip name manually, that would explain why the clip name never updates when you replace soundfile.

But I agree with jperkinski there should be an option involved, instead of an automatic behavior that the user has to know beforehand.