Montage to DDP CD-Text issue

I had a pretty long and “plug-in heavy” montage going so I rendered it down to a DDP file first before making a CD-R master (the plant is lame and won’t accept DDP master). In the process, I had an apostrophe (’) get transposed to a question mark (?) in one of the song titles. I certainly hope that this hasn’t been happening to all my DDP masters that get uploaded to the plant.

Has anybody else seen this issue?

Maybe that was not an ascii apostrophe?
’ is ok
’ is not

I guess that is possible. I just copied and pasted the info from an e-mail from the client. I’ll have to be more careful of apostrophes in the future.


PG: Do DDP and Cue/Wav use different character encoding?
Seems Cue/Wav uses UTF-8. I was having problems with exporting Cue/Wav with accents.
Some Cue burning software didn’t like UTF-8. I fixed it by opening the cue file in Win Notepad and saving as ANSI. The characters then displayed fine. In Mac I open in Text Wrangler which shows me the character encoding and lets me save as ISO Latin.
I Have no problems with DDPs exported from Wavelab. I open the DDP in the same program used to burn Cue/Wav and the text is fine.


Do DDP and Cue/Wav use different character encoding?

DDP has 2 encodings: ASCII and Japanese.
Cue use UTF-8 to make it compatible with both. But if you put UTF-8 which is more than ASCII or Japanese, you will be in trouble at some point.