Montage Track or Output Send FX Automation


After nearly one month of demoing Wavelab Pro 9, I made the big jump and purchased it.
I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out, and i do read the manual when i’m stuck.

I’m having the worst time trying to find out how to insert a reverb on a Montage Track Effects slot so that I can automate the amount per clip (same reverb for all clips but more or less wetness).

I know I can do it on a Clip Effects slot through the routing section but not on the Track Effects or Output Effects.

Am I missing something very obvious?

Thank you in advance

No, the new automation features in WL9 are for clip FX only. There are no FX automation parameters for montage track FX, montage output FX, and needless to say, not for the global master section FX either.

For now, the only FX automation happens on the clip envelopes.

Thank you Justin.