montage update problem

Still trying to be friends with WL 7…
In the montage - if I use the feature “substitute for audio file” the new file is loaded but the name doesn’t change in the clip menu or the cd menu. The only way to see if it’s the new file is to doubleclick and look at the header in the wave window.
Am I missing something ?
Another thing: - How do I see the properties of a file in the wave window or the montage ? - in WL 6 I just pressed “enter”.

PG ?

  1. WaveLab tries to be smart: if the clip name was the name of the file, that means you intend to keep the clip name as the file name. In this case, the clip name will be updated. But if the clip name was changed, it is not set as the new file name.

  2. The shortcut has changed, see the end of the Edit menu (Ctr + U).
    Also, note the existence of the Meta Data Tool Window.