Montage Window Resize Woes on Mac

I’m not sure what’s up, but it seems that the window resize gadget for the Montage variously appears/disappears in WL7 on my mac. OTOH the Audio Files window ALWAYS reveals a resize gadget, so I’m thinking maybe this is a “feature” and any resizing I’ve previously done was a fluke or bug.

At any rate, I’ve tried removing tools/commands from the borders thinking that was the culprit, but no love. Conversely, the same arrangement in AUdio Files works fine - resize gadget hangs around no matter what tools/commands are exposed.


For clarity, here’s what Audio Files looks like:
WaveLab 7ScreenSnapz001.jpg
And here’s my Montage:
WaveLab 7ScreenSnapz001.jpg
WaveLab 7ScreenSnapz002.jpg

Me too here! The same problem and with 4:3 monitor

Close WaveLab 7

Go to /Users/UserName/Library/Preferences/Wavelab 7/

Delete the Cache folder

Relaunch WaveLab 7

Actually haven’t seen this since 7.1 - reported, and dutifully fixed.

In the previous version it was pretty much unfixable.

Is this issue still cropping up for anyone else with Lion?