Montages and different sample rates

Question about montages and different files (and formats). My usual workflow:

I process everything in Cubase and export from there. I then do track sequencing, fades and so on in WL. I do a mixdown of the CD version (in 24/44), create a montage and add the tracks, work out all markers and so on, and save. I’ll then do a vinyl version mixdown, copy the montage file to the folder with the vinyl files and rename it, open it in WL (which then opens with the vinyl files instead). This works great as long as the vinyl files are in the same format as the CD files.

Now I wanted to do the same for 96k files. It seemed to work fine at first, but I noticed that when I change the sample rate in the Audio Montage Properties, it changes the timeline and the markers are out of place. All fades are also out of place (well, basically starting halfway in).

I understand why this happens, no real mystery there. So my question is rather: is there any other way I could accomplish what I want to do? I.e. use an existing montage and “apply” it to a new file set in a different format?

There is a feature called “Custom Montage Duplicate” for this exact reason.

It allows you to create a new montage from an existing montage, but at a new sample rate based on the new file(s) you are pointing WaveLab to. All the markers and data stay exactly the same.

I use it on every single project to go downward from 96k to 44.1k.

I can share a screen shot when I’m at a computer if needed.

That’s exactly what I needed, thanks Justin! Just tried it out and it worked perfectly.

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Great! I can’t believe in the old days I used to manually recreate montages at alternate sample rates. That was tedious, time consuming, and left way too much room for user error.

Thankfully PG added the “Custom Montage Duplicate” feature so you can recreate a new montage at an alternate sample rate, and everything else remains the same. Major time saver and user error mitigator.