Monterey and VSTs

Hello, I realise this isn’t a new topic, and that it’s also partly a mac topic but here goes.

As I have moved over to a mac using Monterey I am in midst of trying to tell the mac not to block older VSTs (via Security & Privacy prefs), as well as releasing them from the Cubase blacklist area, but it gets caught in a loop between both, and nothing happens. I really like the older VSTs and I can’t find decent replacements though I do look. (and email original developers).

Anyone seen a workaround?


Maybe an external VST host might help, like Vienna Ensemble Pro, for example. You can use even the 32-bit host for 32-bit-only plug-ins then.

Thank you! I wonder, how does Cubase ‘see’ them? I’ll look into it.

Monterey has been nothing but severe trouble… since switching my mac there’s been absolutely no good parts at all. Literally Zero. I’ve spent hours reconstructing my songs to get them anywhere near where they were in the past, and amazingly: if there were issues on the old machine (ie which caused me to upgrade) they are exactly the same on the new one.