Monthly bugfixes


how would it be if there were monthly bugfixes from Steinberg in the future?

Many software manufacturers are doing this now and that at no extra cost.

The interim update to 9.5. was increased by 10,00 €, as compensation monthly bugfixes would be a nice service.

Thank you.

I think poorly tested updates is the last thing that Cubase needs.


Monthly is a very agile way of working rather than waterfall.
It would be great if Steinberg would do monthly sprints to tackle BUGS and leave features for the half year waterfall releases.


I have been requesting this for years and I thought Steinberg was thinking the same when it first changed the software version numbers to include the third placeholder (ex: 9.5.xx). I would even go as far to say that cumulative maintenance updates (hotfixes) issued weekly (or whenever they can issue one) is appropriate. A cumulative update would allow users to skip updates if they prefer and catch up whenever they wanted to.

These timely software updates are now the norm and to stay (or improve to) “World Class” level in the customer support arena Steinberg should have adopted this practice years ago.

Regards :sunglasses: