Moog Sub 37 to sync with Cubase

I really struggle to understand how to sync cubase and the 37.
37 is connected via USB, and my external instrument is set-up for the USB connection.
I can play with my midi keyboard on the VST track, and i have sound.
I am making sure i sent the clock in Cubase, in Transport / Project Syncronisation set-up, i tick the Moog Sub 37 box, so USB basically.
It’s also connected via my MioXL via ethernet, but i have not set it up this way in Cubase, nor in Auracle, i paid attention not to send any data from other devices to Moog 37.
In the Sub 37 settings I have:
IN PORTS: both, OUT PORTS both
Echo din & usb are OFF

Only when i push SYNC, then start the track in cubase and then press a note on the Moog, that i have the arp to be synced?
How to i send clock from cubase even when the track is not playing?
The corresponding box in Prohect Sync set up is ticked…but doesn’t seem to work.

Any idea?

Do you have this setting enabled?

Hey, sorry for late reply, i was traveling this week.
Yes of course i have seen and have this box ticked (it is by default i believe).
But it doesn’t seems to be applied, as no clock seems to be sent when a track is not playing…

did you check your midi clock setting on the sub37?

Yes of course!
Here is the settings i have:

Couldn’t find anywhere in the settings to force the moog to receive the clock a specific way, e.g. midi over USB. The MIDI PORT in probably include all midi information including clock. In my case in cubase, i use the USB.

Ive checked, those are the only settings

you have to push sync to to get external MD
the rate knob is then used to select clock divisions of the external MD
not very handy iff you can do it via the vst editor or by midi cc
or tap it in

Im using the midi din but I should work thru usb to so…

My setting in cubase are
internal time code
midi clock destinations to sub 37
Schermafbeelding 2022-10-01 om 22.01.18

Ok so it works for you basically, right? and you only use midi IN to communicate midi & tempo from laptop / cubase to Moog Sub37.
Not sure why this damn ‘send midi clock in stop mode’ doesn’t seem to work on my end.
Any other opinion or insights is welcome!!

It works perfectly fine with my Sub37. Internal Timecode. Send Midi clock in stop mode.

I have Send ST/STP ON which is different - the other two clock settings are same as yours.

Did you check off the device (or correct port) in “midi clock destination” rather than “Midi Timecode Destination”? I sometimes do that when I’m not paying attention.

I’m using an actual midi cable for mine I don’t think that should make a difference if it’s registering midi. You might want to double check “use external sync” is off also.

Hi ! Have you ever tried the Sub 37 editor ( VST 3 version ) in cubase 12 ? It looks like the editor can’t read the automation so the Sub 37 neither …
Nevertheless It worked perfectly in Cubase 11 with the Sub 37 Editor VST 2 .
I already contacted the Moog Support but they can’t help at all .