Moogerfooger MF-108M device panel

Hello people,

I bought an MF-108 a few weeks ago and, since it’s MIDI-equipped, I decided to made a device panel to control it from Cubase in order to access the hidden parameters and to be able to automate them.

I added all the controls described in the manual, except “Enable mod wheel to lfo amount”, “Pitch bend amount” and “MIDI tap tempo”.

Even though I made it for myself (hence the lack of the controls I thought I will almost never use), I thought I should share since it can be useful to someone else other than me.

Moogerfooger MF-108 Cubase Device (6.7 KB)
ps: please note that the bypass button on the panel lights up when the MF-108M is not bypassed and it’s off when the unit is bypassed; unfortunately I didn’t find a way to make the device panel behave like it should.

Hey, thanks for this. I’m currently doing the MF-104M-SD. I’ll post around these parts when I’m done. I’ve added an inspector panel for the main controls.

Hi, sorry to bother you, any update on the MF-104M panel?
I’m currently have a 104-M, but in a few days I’ve to decide if I’ll buy it or I’ll give it back to the seller, and a Cubase panel would be a deciding factor for me



I recently had a HD crash and don’t know if it’s in my backup or not. I’ll let you know tonight

By the way, I think I’ll buy the MF-104M very soon, so I’ll need the device panel too.
it goes without saying that I’ll make one if there’s nothing already avaible. :wink:

I recently had a HD crash and don’t know if it’s in my backup or not. I’ll let you know tonight

Thanks for your reply

I did not have a copy backed up.

Thanks anyway

So, I just bought a MF-108M, so I’m going to create the device panel as soon as possible.

The 108 panel is at the beginning of the thread. I had started a 104 panel

I’m an idiot, I just wrote 108M but I meant 104M. :blush:
I have both of them now.

Lol… hey I have my own idiot moments. No judging from this direction.

So, I made a panel for the MF-104M Analog Delay.

I don’t know if this will work also for the MF-104MSD, I didn’t look at its manual but I hope it will require some minor labelling adjustement at worst.

I mapped everything I could find in the manual, except tap tempo (I don’t find an use for that in a sequencer environment).
I labelled the bypass button as “on” since I can’t invert the behaviour of the button (it’s lighted up when the device is active, so I changed the labelling). Same thing for the slow/fast delay time (it’s the opposite of the hardware panel).

I hope the file works correctly, I had very little time to test it and I didn’t try to reimport it (it’s late here and I must really go sleeping); I’ll re-check it tomorrow in the evening, after work. Hopefully it won’t require any fix. :slight_smile:
Moogerfooger MF-104M Device (7.69 KB)