Moral Loss

So to testdrive my new headphones (AKG K612Pro) I decided to make a deephouse track which I mixed mainly on the headphones just to get used to them.
At the same time I also wanted to try incorporating my Korg Wavedrum in a track (A percussion synthesizer I got a month ago) so the snare patterns you hear are played with brushes on my wavedrum.

Enjoy :wink:

Good test run, the Wavedrum sits really well. Really nice laid back tune.

This sounded REALLY good nice and loud on my system…very clean sound…enjoyed it…good vibe, didn’t find it particularly sad, on the contrary…got me tapping my feet…Kevin

Cheers guys, glad you liked it :slight_smile:

LIstening back to it now it sounds like the whole volume of the track is dipping a bit at times, probably the limiter on the master bus being a bit too aggressive at times. I’ll address this asap :wink:

I wonder if I’ve become so used to large hall/cathedral reverbs that some things sound too dry to my ears. D: As it happens, I thought that overall the track could use a lot more reverb and/or a different one. The instruments are fairly sparse, and especially with the staccato parts they just sound way too dry to me.

I think my main criticism, as it usually is about things, is lack of a main hook/melody. Now, you do have that and I like the punctuation of the rhythm of it but to me introducing it at 2:30 is a rather long wait and it isn’t featured for very long either considering it should be the main selling point of the track to the listener. I’d personally prefer it early on to gain my interest as a listener earlier on and then build in layers/dynamics as it progresses.

Good start but I’d suggest adding more layers and textures in there as it progresses as it just sounds too thin and sparse. I get that it’s supposed to be chilled but can have chilled and layered too. :smiley:

I agree with Jonathan, give me a melody. Great beat, though, I’m tapping my feet too! Cool way to end it.

Thanks lads, appreciate the comments. I can see why you think it’s too empty/needs more layers and I might go back to it and see if I can add a hook to it, although that’s usually where my arrangement skills fail me :wink:.

Interesting you think it’s too dry. I personally kinda like a ‘clean’ sound that doesn’t muddy the whole track, but at the same time that could also be my inexperience with properly using reverb. I got similar feedback on my previous track (may have been your comment though, can’t remember :p) so you’re not wrong.