Mordente play

I’m trying Dorico with Notepeformer.
Is there a way to make it play mordentes?
Also, is there a way to play portamentos in Dorico?

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The (current) way to notate ornaments is to add a staff, write out the notes there, then remove that staff. It still exists and the notes will play but it will not be seen in the score. (You should also suppress playback of the notes on the original staff)


Wow, that’s. a big workaround for such a sophisticated software…anyone knows if the ornaments playing is coming in future versions?
What about portamentos?

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Yes, but it allows you to notate the precise ornament that you want.


Dorico has already parameters for trills and harmonics, it is really strange that there are no ornaments parameters….


To answer your question: yes, it’s definitely planned. When is uncertain.

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A suggestion :
I create a voice for the ornament which I reduce to the size of 1 (minimum)
Although it leaves me the trace of the stems when printed.
Maybe creating this voice automatically when creating an ornament as well as the possibility of hiding it (button or flag) would be the coolest.

The advantage of an additional voice is that it supports all the other advantages of Dorico editing and humanization in the duration of the trill for example: crescendo or writing mordents “à la Bach” etc…

Thanks for the" baroque" guys :wink:

In a second way perhaps creats a preference page for each ornaments

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Good to hear, looking forward to it!

Well, it depends what is the goal. For having a reference creating another voice is just a big workaround.
Although it would be nice to be able to apply an ornament into an ossia staff automatically and then edit it…

A good example is the artificial harmonic feature, it makes the workflow in Dorico so much easier. In Musescore 4 you have to create it , mute voices, add 15th and hide it just to get an approximation.
However, the ornaments and portamentos work better in Musescore at the moment.

Hope to see this in Dorico soon!

There is nothing wrong with a “workaround” if it gets one what one needs.

Of course, what I am saying is that Dorico already has similar features.

Portamento (glissando) playback has been implemented with yesterdays update.

I updated but it doesn’t seem to work… it still plays a scale. I changed the playback options but none of them give a real string glissando (Using HSO).

HSO can only play a pitch bend glissando over an interval of a whole step (tone). You will need other sound libraries with larger pitch bend ranges – for example, NotePerformer can handle pitch bend up to an octave.

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