Mordents, and ornament playback in general

I see from the AI scan that others have brought this up in the past, but just to confirm: the ‘short trill’ is what otherwise would be called (by some) an upper mordent, and the slashed symbol identfied as ‘mordent’ corresponds to the lower mordent?

I was disappointed to find that, when trying to solve this through playback, they didn’t play back as ornaments at all. This, in the past, has been slated for future implementation – what is the current situation?

I guess one of the main problems in implementing such a feature would be the large stylistic differences that exist in the performance of such ornaments. A mordent means something entirely different in, say, Rameau and Rachmaninoff. Finale used to solve this, somewhat, by letting the user choose from different playback styles. But that was far from ideal as well.

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We do plan to implement playback of ornaments in a future version, but at the moment I can’t say when that might be.

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Can you explain the difference between a Rameau and a Rakhmaninov mordent?

Hi, in Dorico 5 it seems still not implemented. It’s really a missing feature, even if not automatic, at least it could let us personalize each mordent.

If useful, see also 'short trill' (ornament popover input: shorttr) is ignored when playing score - #11 by Alberto_Maria