Mordents, Turns, Scoops, and other sound effects

Hi Everyone,
Just started using Dorico for ipad and I am loving it. I have a question though. When I insert a mordent, turn, or scoop into my score I don’t hear it on playback. Is there something I need to in order to hear these effects? I am coming over from Staffpad, so it’s something I am used to using while writing. Thanks for any tips you can give me.

Playback of ornaments has not been implemented yet.


There are ways to do this. Simplest is to add a staff, notate the ornaments, hide the staff, and suppress playback of the notes on the original staff.

It might be a kludgy workaround, but you can notate your ornaments exactly as you want them to playback.

Why, exactly? All other software I’ve used plays them.

But how do they play them? Ornaments are one of those things that can have a myriad of interpretations. The only way to accurately playback ornaments is to notate them on a separate staff, hide that staff, and suppress playback on the original staff. The ornament will playback as notated while the viewer only sees the original ornamental notation.

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I’m just a user.


Trills and glissandos play back. If you search you will find many threads on here discussing the complexities of getting just those to play as desired. Guitar bends and jazz articulations play back, as glisses with specific speeds.

But scale-based Baroque ornaments such as turns and mordents currently require the workaround Janus described in post #3 for playback. Because they are expressive, they don’t have standard speeds and rhythms, and in many cases even the notes can differ.

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That’s a fair point, although I would say many other areas of music which are also open to a myriad of interpretations, where Dorico has either chosen one interpretation by default (often based on Gould’s Behind Bars) as well as with menu preferences which allow the user to adjust and customize playback based on their own interpretations. As the Dorico notation, playback, and engraving options menus show, there are a wealth of different interpretations out there to select from.

So I don’t think it would be a stretch to take an approach using a most common interpretations of ornaments as default, with menu preferences to select other common interpretations, as well as a playback override switch to create your own. Trills being a good example, I don’t always agree with the default trill playback, but at least I can customize it in the bottom panel in my own way :slight_smile:

There are still many things that Dorico hasn’t implemented yet, but you can bet that: a) it’s on the list, and b) when it is implemented, it will be very good at what it does.

This does work well – I just have to delete the +1 staff flag.

But what about for Section Players?

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