More 13 weirdness - How to hide menus on Windows?

I had planned to wait for the next non-maintenance update, but since the demo was out I took 13 (.20) for a quick spin. First of all, the new GUI looks acceptable on a non-4k setup. The bolded type is amateur hour, but I can work with it. However, two very strange things materialised:

  1. Why does the mix console have menus?

  2. Why does clicking the X in the hub not close it?

It’s very strange. Looking forward to testing the next version.



Because the Windows users were complaining, Cubase doesn’t act as common Windows application and it acts more like Mac-style applicatino. Windows users are used to have a menu attached to the window. Mac users are used to have one menu on the top of the screen. Since Cubase 13, the Windows users got the menu on top of all important windows: Project window, MixConsole, Key Editor…

That’s weird. Can that possibly be in accordance with Windows standards? The classic way is to have the menu in the main window, and then treat the others as non-menued dialogs. Such as:

I have to say that the window(s) implementation in C13 does look somewhat clumsy.

The menus are a replacement for the floating menu bar in previous versions and are available in several different windows, e.g. the project window, mixer, mediabay… However, they can be hidden individually via the context menu on the title-bar.


Ah, excellent. Options are good :slight_smile: