more A.I. capability please

A.I. could be implemented to help folks mix and compare different tracks and avoid build up frequencies. It’d be easy for a DAW to automatically determine the instrument type and suggest eq presets and eq settings for cleaning up the mix, suggest LUFS adjustments on the entire mix, suggest and implement global gain staging, make sure analog emulation vsts are not being over driven, etc etc.

I don’t suggest the DAW automatically control the mix, but it would be a huge time saver to have the program analyze and suggest settings according to the user’s preferences and past settings.

This would take a lot of time to develop in which that time could be devoted to other more needed things

Secondly, Cubase is designed to host things that can do this for you - VSTs. Los of AI type VST things out there.

Yeah, I guess it might take a while to get AI… but a DAW can do inter-track functions way better than any single plug-in.

Need LUFS analysis on the entire mix though, soon.

I feel that this is not something Steinberg should focus in, with all due respect. The reason is – as others said – third party developers are already doing stuff like this, and it’s a very complex thing to do.

I think maybe expanding on the development and reach-ability of the Project Logical Editor throughout the program is worthy of time investment, sort of an AI you have to script yourself.

I’d like to see more search filtering protocols to, like for WorkSpaces


We don’t even have variables yet

I agree with the others. Since there are already third party tools for this type of thing (Izotope Neutron for example), Steinberg should focus on core workflow enhancements that we have been waiting on.

If AI is something you want to add to your arsenal, just wait for a good sale to come along an add the tools you want. Steinberg will spread themselves too thin if they try to be everything to everyone. There are a lot of good 3rd party developers out there that can focus on specialty items which can be added as needed.