More ADR overlay options

When working for dubbing or ADR there is often the request for having a transparent preroll screen, which is possible as we know. But then the postroll is also always transparent. I like having one second of postroll, so if transparent, we often see the first second of the next take, which is often confusing for many talents, cutters or directors. So it would come in very handy to be able to set transparency independently for pre- and postroll.

In other taker systems there is a feature where you can set a certain (‘X’-)marker within a take to mark for example a second part of a sentence after a break. The overlay will show a short sign like a X or something. I often get taker csv files with a column for that but I can’t use it. Many talents miss that feature because the markers are often written in their dialogue books so they expect it to be shown.
This could spare me some rolling eyes and would actually be a pretty neat feature. What do you say?


+1 to both.
Been recently recording quite a lot of adr with pro tools and video slave (not my choice). While the combo is pretty ok I love the Nuendo adr workflow with easily tweakable streamers, monitoring matrix, audio align and so on.

Actually it has been a while since I last recorded adr with Nuendo and don’t remember this now, is it possible to save presets for monitoring matrix? There are so many ways to do adr that it would save a lot of time to have these easily switchable presets for different ways of work.

Oh, and would love to be able to ”mute” an adr cycle marker.
Would help a lot when events come up fast one after another.

No, still no matrix presets. But yes, could be useful from time to time.
But what exactly is your problem when many events come fast after another?

Streamers running wild on screen… Messes talents consentration.

Edit… been too long since last adr with Nuendo. And not in front of my daw now so can’t check. But wasn’t it so that Nuendo plays only the selected cycle marker with its streamer and not the previous or following one?? Or do I mix stuff now as video slave has also streamers and has this problem if adr cues follow each other too fast the screen will be full of streamers…

Hmm, that must be a video slave issue then. I never had anything like that in Nuendo.

Another request however would be the option to display the Take number instead of the dialogue. No talent ever needed or even wanted the dialogue on screen. But what they do want is an information where we are in the project.
What I do at the moment when receiving a csv is to copy the column with the take number and define it as dialogue. But I would love to skip editing the csvs before importing them.

All our actors love to be able to see the line on screen.
I like it to so this way they project their voice towards the picture and not downwards towards a paper script, this keeps the head up and opens up the throat.

I’m also considering to raise my screen further to improve this.

And yes more display options as well as presets for the monitor switching would be nice.

I have my video monitor for actors on an adjustable stand. This way it is always “heads up” for them. And I put my shotgun mic very boom operator would keep it and results are very good…