More bugs

Okay, so crickets on Wavelab’s crashing preset management reported here:

  1. Here’s another bug: The lasso minus in Spectrum editing is finicky as heck. It never deselects the target first time and only often the second time, sometimes requiring a lot of attempts to get rid of a previous selection. I’m not sure if this is just a visual bug. Either way I wish there was a simple deselect command button/key. (btw, though wavelab did a stellar job of removing a glitchy sound, I actually had to open the file in RX6 to SEE it, and then estimate where it was in Wavelab, despite trying all the display algorithms)

  2. Different monitor setups cannot be selected upon opening a project until after hitting Play. Nor is the setup remembered from the last session. It always reverts back to the first. (Cubase always remembers)

4&5. Also as has, I think, been reported, you have to swap inserts up and down in the Playback section to get them to function properly in order. It was quite an ordeal to get new ones to appear in the list too, requiring several attempts at checkmarking them in the plugin manager.

  1. Clip plugins stop working sometimes if bypassed with the checkmark in the list, so must always be done in the plugin window to avoid problems.

And last, my File Group inexplicably dropped all but the montage between closing and opening the last project. The audio files all vanished from the group. Why? It was fine countless times before.

I really like Wavelab but find it’s sometimes like herding cats to get features to work as intended. Hope this helps make things more reliable.

The lasso minus in Spectrum editing (…) I wish there was a simple deselect command button/key.

Simply use the Esc key. Or double click outside the selection.

Have you checked your mouse lately? Also are you running some other programs in the back ground while running WL? It sounds like you have some computer problems that are messing with WL. Sometimes anti virus programs can interfere with a smooth running WL on Macs

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the suggestions but my mouse is working fine. The minus lasso simply draws another selection around the previous one I am trying to deselect until an attempt actually works.

I am not running an antivirus application, nor am I multitasking with another app while working in Wavelab (except Preview occasionally to look at the manual). Don’t have these issues with other apps including Cubase. I believe they are bugs.

#3, Next time, start WL while holding CTRL (or mac equal), then you should get the choice of how you want to start up. No bug.
#4, This was already reported and addressed for next update (IIRC).

Hi Arjan,

I tried starting Wavelab with CMD, then CTRL & Option. Nothing brought up a choice and I could find nothing in the manual regarding starting up in a different mode. I did however find this:
The speaker configuration #1 is active on startup and should remain the default configuration… on page 106. So I guess it’s not a bug. Seems strange to have to hit play before you can choose your monitors though.

Glad the inserts bug is being fixed. Thanks.