More color related issues

When I use ‘Pitch Name Noteheads’ there’s a problem when wanting to make the notehead colored

In Write mode:

When printed:

so the white notenames dissapear

what’s happening?

Are you printing in Mono or Colored?

I’m printing colored, the second photo is of course a screenshot but it comes out of the printer the same way sadly

Unfortunately I suspect you can’t do this using the Color property in the panel. The reason is that these note name noteheads comprise two symbols overlaid: a solid white notehead (to knock out the staff lines) and then the note name notehead on top of that. When you apply a custom colour, it’s applied to all of the symbols that make up the notehead.

One way you could approach this would be to define new notehead sets where you set the colour for the note name notehead symbol explicitly in the notehead set editor itself.

Thank you, would be nice to have as a working feature as these functions (among others) where my main reason to switch to Dorico