More Control Room Cues

I’ve recently set up 4 Cues for headphone sends and I would actually like more than 4 Cues. This, for example, covers Drummer, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Vox. What about 2nd Guitarist and Key player? Obviously there are no rules to how many people are in a band but it’s not that out of the ordinary to have a 6 piece band.

Just wondering why it is limited to 4 x Cues? I’m no Software developer so apologize if there’s a glaringly obvious reason for the 4 Cue limit but 6 Cues would be great. When not using the Control Room and in fact using my Motu Cuemix, my only limit is down to the number of physical outputs.




You could build your own additional cues. In VST Connections create an additional stereo output that is routed to an unused physical output on your audio interface. Name it something useful like “cue 5.” This will appear as an additional output in the MixConsole. For any tracks you want to appear on this cue channel create a send on the track that goes to the new cue. You can use the send levels to create a mix for the cue.

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+1 also if the send workaround is functional

+1 for more cue mixes!!!

They are far better for mixing studio sends for recording musicians than using the “sends” section. Very nice to have your effects and things like side chaining sends coming out of your tracks “sends” and then in a completely separate zone you have the Cue Mix options

  • 1 for more cues!!
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+1 for more cue mixes!!!

In general I need 5-6 monitor mixes in my studio. Now I solve it by using “sends” to seperate outputs, and then make the mix in RME Totalmix. 4 is just not enough, would be great to have it finally in Cubase.

On top of that, most hardware daw controllers have an option “flip to fader”, if that could be an option in cubase itself it would be a great addition as well. Controlling your cue mix with faders.


+1 for 8 cue mixes!

This is very useful when it is possible for the recording persons to switch listening from the individual mixes to the general mix for all while auditioning after take recording many vocalists.

It is impossible with regular sends…


yeah studio one is unlimited number of cues

But Steinberg Cubendo Cues has more options - one click switch between routing individual cue mix and main mix to the individual cue output!

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+100 for more cue mixes!


We route the whole band through Cubase at rehearsals and just updated to Version 12 pro!
At the moment we use a Behringer x32 to create 16 mono mixes for all the people, but we would need 16 stereo cues directoy from cubase.
Also an ios/android app for setting cue levels would be great!

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I expected the feature to be added in version 12 pro
But the same thing, can it be added soon, ?
please Steinberg its simple

android app :disappointed: :disappointed: :cry:

I would really appreciate 4 more cue sends.