More controllers?

Not quite sure where to put this but this seems like the closest match.

Why doesn’t Steinberg make it’s own 8 channel and/or 16 channel control surface? Your choices are the CC121 single fader which, IMO is a bit pricey, or some big Yamaha thing you have to blow your kids’ college funds to afford.

If I want an 8 channel controller, I am forced to go third party with Presonus Faderport looking like the best option (I currently have the single-channel Faderport). Does Steinberg have any plans to fill this gap?

Nothing but crickets LOL. Guess that answers my question.

I have the cc121 and to accompany it the icon pro m+ 8 channel controller and a console one.

Works really well, the only thing I don’t like about the m+ (and I think it’s the same with most Mackie controllers) is it doesn’t auto bank.
Eg if I select a channel in cubase… The controller doesn’t follow…
I wish now I got the console fader instead of it as that auto banks.

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