More Cubase weirdness

So I’ve migrated to a new computer and am trying to playback songs in cubase 10.5 that were recorded on the older computer. Everything’s set up right, no errors except that cubase doesn’t respond to instrument or midi tracks. No sound from virtual instruments and no little blue line showing signal. When I try to play kontakt virtual keyboard, kontakt doesn’t respond. They keys go down, but no sound.

How did you migrate?


These were in cubase project folder that I moved to new computer.

First I would check that everything in a new project made on the new machine using everything you have works correctly the new machine.


I’ve done this about 2 years ago and it can be a pain to get (old) projects play like on the old PC?
Midi/Instrument tracks can be sensitive to subtle changes and fail to load?

Sometimes a manual load of all instruments, especially Kontakt, is necessary!

If you correctly documented all tracks you should be able to return to the exact same state?
I know I did. So you should also be able too?

Hi Hippo,

Thanks for the answers. I’m glad you asked this because on the new computer opening a brand new project, inserting kontakt, loading instrument It doesn’t respond at all. I can push the onscreen keyboard in kontakt(sometimes even this is undoable) but it doesn’t do anything. It also doesn’t respond to midi input from peripherals midi controllers. The blue line goes up and down but no response from anything.

Does the stand alone version of kontakt Work?
Has cubase ever made a sound, record and play back regular audio, can you hear even the metronome bleeps ?


Yes standalone works and new projects work. metronome works

Load up the problem project, press F4 and see what connections you have.
Also what version of cubase was the old song recorded on?


Solved, it was my audio interface. Thanks hippo!