More Cubase weirdness....

Learn what “constrain delay compensarion” does, then adjust it accordingly, or turn it off.

Why is it “Cubase weirdness” and not “UAD weirdness”?
UAD writes the software that controls the device in the Cubase environment, not Steinberg…

This might be an example of uad weirdness.

oh, suddenly everything works. Thank you mr. trump!

Spoke too soon. The sample instruments are now playing wildly out of key. Just random tuning variations. Don’t think this time it’s uad weirdness.

So my (new) keyboard was randomly changing the pitch bend wheel in Kontakt. All fixed!

So a few hours later, cubase wont let me add any tracks to a new project. I’ll reboot.

After rebooting seems fixed. Also got rid of Nvidia Experience software. Seems to help with latency.

Just went through 24 hours with no cubase weirdness…a first!

So I went a week without any weirdness. But today there’s something buggy with the ruler. Maybe it’s a hidden setting? haha I left ctrl click on the ruler to set my left range locator. It puts the left locator two measure to the right of where I set it. any ideas?

Have you tried restarting the machine and Cubase yet?

I just restarted cubase, and it works now. But why all the weirdness?

I had a similar issue, possibly related to this:

I turned off Asio Guard and Cubase seemed to back to normal.

thank you beat pete. Today another issue, a project I spent all last night working on (for instance lining up different parts in midi editor) I did save the project both as a new version and the same version. Today all the midi is askew…completely screwed up. Weird!

So today Cubase crashes every time I try to use time stretch.

What exactly is the purpose of this thread?
A live report of your daily life with cubase? Than it should be an insta-story.

Perhaps it establishes a pattern which could be interpreted by someone (with greater expertise than I). Perhaps all the parts add up to either a fault with installation or hardware?

Irrespective of that, OP; sounds frustrating. I’ve been there!

I give up. Peace!

Give up if you wish. But honestly, all the issues I read here appear to be “user weirdness” meaning it’s specific with your use, or your computer. No issues have been manifested in this post that would indicate wrong behavior on the side of Cubase. For example if Cubase crashes every time you try to use time stretch there would be dozens or maybe even hundreds of complaints posted here. I don’t even know what type of timestretch you are using, on what type of track, or the amount used. If you want help, give step-by-step reproductions of exactly what you are doing with timestretch for others to attempt to duplicate. This way, at the very least, you can know others aren’t experiencing what you experience.

I would change the title of this topic because I don’t think the problem is Cubase. That alone might manifest additional replies. Next, assuming you genuinely desire solutions, I would put your system specifications in your signature so for a start, other users at the very least can know if you are on a PC or Mac.


:laughing: One of the funniest threads I’ve read in a long time. It’s like an insanely bad comedy sketch. So bad, in fact, you can’t help laughing!..