more cues

at least 12 stereo cue sends. with a masterswitch to switch the feed of all sends from channels in rec mode to the input mixer-plus individual switching. perfect would be cuemixers similar to the RME Totalmix

I, and others, have been asking for this for years without success.

Eight cues would be enough for me.

I have created a new Cubase 12 feature request topic asking for more Cue Sends and a proper monitor control app. If you feel you need this, please go there and vote! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Shure!!! But maybe Steinberg is not interessted anymore in supporting recording studios…

Steinberg usually listens to people on the forum and the most popular feature request usually get developed, I’ve seen it happen with other issues in the past and I hope it happens with this as well.

If we raise awareness about it and if there’s enough people demanding it, it will happen. But for it to happen, people must unite, vote and make themselves heard. If an issue is sparsely mentioned on the forum once every two years and forgotten the next morning, nothing will happen for sure. :slight_smile: