More effects and functions?

Are there any plans to integrate more and optionally higher quality insert effects to the app?
I would really like to use Cubasis as my sole DAW but the insert effects, especially the compression effect (which is quite important to me), are really lacking a satisfactory user interface with visual control options.
Besides, a drum editor would be much appreciated.
Are there any plans to incorporate more professional effects, functions and instruments - perhaps as in app purchases - to make the Cubasis app a full fledged alternative to the Cubase PC Software?
I really, really love the app so far… but there are still some things that make me miss a “full” PC/Mac Software like Cubase or Logic. I was hoping, the Cubasis app could more or less replace its big brother, and it wouldn’t bother me to spend some extra € for a higher functionality. :wink:

Audiobus and IAA give you a plethora of choices for external effects. The only modification I’d like to see is a Q control on the filter. I think for what it is, it’s fantastic little scratch pad. There is no way I’d use it to finish a track as there simply isn’t enough horse power in an iPad for more layering up more advanced effects/synths. I would like to see the Steinberg app portfolio play nicely together too. There are many little tweaks that need to happen before the guys pile in new, more advanced effects.

Dear GrabtharsHammer,

thank you for using Cubasis and that you like our App. We are getting a lot of requests and wishes and try our best to include as much as possible in future versions. Fortunately the performance of new tablets is increasing fast, so that we can see many nice features coming soon. :wink:


Hi, I would like to be able to use more than 3 effects per track. Also, a distortion effect would be cool aswell. This would really help in making some guitar tracks without resorting to audiobus/interapp. Thanks!