More efficient MixConsole design

Hi, I would like to welcome a simpler MixConsole in terms of structure and design. The racks ROUTING and PRE take up too much space when they are open. Opening and closing the racks again and again disturbs the workflow. And I think the ROUTING and PRE sections are essential “tools” that should always be easily available.



Good illustration +1

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Space saving at Steinberg doesn’t seem to be a thing. Whilst were on it, Visibility (left pane) Channel and zones could easily be the same window

Look at the latency view too. Tiny cramped in text in all that space simply to allow for a curved window and there’s no reason for the Insert boxes to have lines dividing them.

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In Cubase 8 I think Channel and Zones were already combined.
Please combine it again. It costs time to switch between those 2 sections at the bottom.

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I don’t really have a problem with the routing and pre sections per se as I have them on key commands, but your illustration looks really good and useful. Except maybe for the hi and lo cut, why do they have a combined value display, that isn’t really helpful. And the knobs are a tad tiny. The benefit of the current solution, while not aesthetically pleasing, is that those value bars give an immediate visual feedback of the setting.

What I love is the clarity of the insert/send title bar icons! So much more useful and consistent that the existing solution (I mean, why does heck does Steinberg suddenly use a circle as the bypass button instead of the symbol we’re accustomed to since forever? Makes absolutely no sense.)

Hi, sure, this is not perfect now, just a suggestion, I am not a gui designer.
But I think steinberg could afford a good one that improves the complete look considering the workflow.

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I would also love to see that the whole fader section can be switched to “invisible” just like the racks above. This may sound strange, but I am often working with all 3 Mixconsoles and it would make sense to have one without faders at certain times.


oh that remind me of Cubase mixer before version 7.0

much more better!

Your screenshot looks way better/clearer than it is now. (Y)

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I like the illustration as well. I have often thought this but I never put it into words. Thanks for sharing!


It’s a well-known phenomenon that humans are better at judging angle than length, so having those hi/lo cut functions as draggable dials is a better solution than the lines. I agree though on the “display” section.

Still, a lovely illustration of what we could have, tbh.

I support any request that moves Steiny away from the “everything is 2 pixels and you have to click it perfectly” aesthetic of the last major interface revision. There’s a lot of wasted space in the mixer and the clickable tools suffer for it.