More info for the Error " Merge is not possible"

I frequently convert Pro Tool sessions to Nuendo XML using AATranlator, works great! The stereo tracks from Pro Tools just like an AAF come in as two mono tracks which in turn I just convert (Merge) into a stereo track. no problem, but find myself always having a track or two that has an audio file in it stopping me from doing so. what would be great is when the Nuendo error pops up, to have more info what track and its timecode I can find the issue.
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 9.28.12 PM.png

YES!! +1 !!!

Or, maybe just give us a button to let Nuendo make sure very crossfade/fade on all the tracks are the same as the first selected track!
9 out of 10 times it is just a fade or crossfade that is not 100% the same.
So, just give use an option, or show the TC where the “error” was found.
Easy! PLEASE!!

+1 in general.

I wouldn’t mind an option to have an ‘override’ or ‘master channel’ and then force convert anyway. So if there’s a discrepancy between track 13 and track 14, and the issue is that fade aren’t the same at some location, just use the fade on track 13 for both tracks and then output a log file with the location of that.

This way we can get conversion done quickly, we still get a log, but we can actually start working and it’ll maybe be a 50/50 chance the right fade was chosen and we can just move on without doing anything. Heck, sometimes it’s a 100% chance that picking one fade over the other is fine because both are fine, just different.

Anyway… We had this request before…