More info needed on the warning appearing when moving warp markers

In this video November 11 2022 Club Cubase Live Stream - YouTube at 2:55:14, Greg moves warp markers for several tracks and gets a popup

where he answers by clicking on ‘New version’.
What are the consequences of this choice for each track ? Does the new version is applied to all tracks in his selection ? Even if not needed ?
What had happened if he selected another option ? Cancel ? Continue ?


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It sets how the Audio Clip is managed.
New Version = the processing is only applied separately for the selected Events
Continue = the processing applies to all Events from that same Clip
Cancel = cancels the editing action

When you’re doing non-destructive editing like these, it takes effect on the whole audio file by default, it means that if you make multiple splits out of a Clip, the editing will be reflected on all of those subsequent Events.
If you want to have separate editing for each Event, you need to click New Version. The thing is that it used more RAM as it needs to store the settings for all Events separately instead of having only one instance. But unless you have thousands of events you won’t notice the difference.

Thanks, is there a way to differenciate events where such a individual processing has been applied ?
I have the impression that the warning appears even if we have only one part ???