More Intellegent Scrolling in Key Editor

Auto scoll in the key editor has a frustrating standard behavior. Consider this situation for purposes of illustration:

Imaging that you have six measures displayed, measures 10 thru 15. The cursor is right in the middle at the start of measure 13. Hit the space bar to play (with autoscroll enabled) and let it play long enough to scroll. Hit the space bar again, and what do you see?

The cursor is back at measure 13, but the measures displayed are 8 thru 13. It seems to me that if Cubase is going to make a judgement and not simply return to the original state (measures 10 thru 15), it should assume we are interested in editing MIDI after the cursor position, not before it. So, it would be OK to guess that we wanted to see the cursor at measure 13 and have the display range be measures 12 thru 16. It would also be OK to just go back to the original range. It’s not OK to hide the measures likely to be of most interest which is how it works now.

The way things currently work, an additional scrolling operation is nearly always needed, which is beyond annoying.

Aloha d,

Tho’ a bit limited you might want to give the ‘MemZap’ feature a try.

MemZap is not a ‘main’ feature for me but the few times I have tried,
it was quite useful in its own limited way.

Good Luck!

Is there a Preferences setting that makes the Key Editor display all the notes on a selected track and not just the current block or range selected?

I’d like to be able to see all the MIDI notes and MIDI controllers on a track and not just those in the selection range. If I glue a track together, then I can see all the MIDI data, but I like keeping my segments separate for arranging purposes. I just would prefer to see all the note and MIDI CC data without any masking. That said, I like that Cubase is very precise about making selections and selecting ranges. It does that better than any program I’ve used.

If you select only the track, and not the events on it, the Key Editor will open with all the parts loaded,

MemZap is new to me - never heard of it. I will certainly check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

New year’s bump for my number one Cubase improvement request.