More Key Command Drama

I’ve never used N5. I went straight from N4.3 to N6. So now that I had N5 in order to get N6, I decided to check it out. It was a PITA right out of the box and I am so glad that I didn’t spend any time on it. I hated the appearance and that ridiculous “Virtual Keyboard” attached to the transport strip. But the very first thing that I discovered was that, save the space bar which would start and stop play, NONE OF MY KEY COMMANDS (not even the factory pre-sets that are supposed to work with the QWERTY KB) WORKED!

I programmed “K” as the shortcut to open the key command window. When I pressed “K” after the programming, nothing happened. F1 - F12 didn’t do anything, I mean all I could do was start and stop playback everything else had to be done with the mouse/trackball to access control.

I’d never heard this particular complaint when N5 was launched. Did anyone else have a key command issue with 5.0?

Are you using a 3rd party keycommand/macro app or something? I’m not sure I understand what the problem is - you’re using key commands/macros and there’s no action on Nuendo’s side?

New keyboard/drivers needed? You were running N4.3 on what OS? Same OS as you’re running N6?

I have an X-tra Keys unit that I use for macros of more than 2 key combinations. But N5 is not working with my QWERTY (PS-2) keyboard! The only key that’s working is the space bar, for starting and stoping playback. :astonished: This same QWERTY (PS-2) keyboard works just fine with N4.3 and N6. So I don’t understand why nothing is happening with the factory key commands for N5.