More Markers Please

SORRY, EVERYONE. JUST A BRIEF ATTACK OF STUPID…DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF MARKER TRACKS VS. MARKERS. PLEASE IGNORE THIS THREAD. As a Sonar refugee, I find that Cubase does everything and more that I expected in Sonar, and it does it better…except…UNLIMITED MARKERS.
I have no desire to have a programmer die whilst trying to do this, but I edit a LOT of dialog, with a LOT of edits, and markers are very important there. I almost always use more than 10, sometimes as many as 30. Markers are also a very important part of my composing and editing music.
So, how about 30 markers?

No opinion about that (I do well with 10 myself). But you may want to know:
We just recently got multiple marker tracks (10) with Cubase 9, a year ago. Before that we had only one (1) marker track.

In Nuendo it’s 32 marker tracks, so they seem to deliberately want to have a lower number than in Nuendo.
Because of that I don’t think you’ll get it. But they could extend to 16, which would still be a difference (half) if they want to constrain it.

Probably I´m just missing the point but on marker tracks Cubase indeed provides unlimited markers.

Indeed, there is no limitation on the number of markers. I’ll move this to General.

Ah…10 tracks, not markers. Sorry. I’ll confess to a moment of stupid.