More Noob questions

Here’s a few questions, which are probably easy for more experienced hands. I did do a search, but I’d be surprised if these hadn’t been asked before.

  1. How do I apply dynamics repeatedly to a bunch of staves, instead of entering each one at a time? I see there is a “Duplicate to Staff Above/Below” item in Edit > Paste Special. Is that the best way, or am I missing something else?

2… How do I get things like “Adagio”, “allargando” appearing in other staves than the top?

  1. I did have a question about “where’s cresc. and dim. in the dynamics panel”, but it turns out, that’s a bug. Restart fixed it. :slight_smile:

So far as your #2, the only way I know to show tempo and tempo modification text at more than one stave on a score system (top of score and above 1st Violins as an example) is to add the mid-system iteration as text. This can become very tiring as other engraving software offers this ability automatically and with flexibility. Even worse, rehearsal marks should follow the same positioning locations and there appears to be no option to get a mid-system rehearsal mark. I have no doubt that the developers are working on the means to accomplish this as it’s common publishing practice and should be available to users as a feature and not as a time consuming workaround.

Some requests on this particular topic–
Some publishers use italic bold text for tempo modifications (rit., a tempo, allargando) and regular bold text for tempo text (Largo, Allegretto). Sometimes “Rit.”, sometimes “rit.”. Scores can have modifications above the staff in bold italic type and in the parts below the staff in italic plain type. Maximum flexibility in formatting and placing tempo related text would be welcome as the publishers out there can have widely differing requirements.

As part of the Layout menu, you can choose to repeat System Marks (like Tempo settings) and System Text (ALT+SHIFT+X) above various instrument groups in your score.

To place such indications in other locations, you would have to do what @notesetter advises and add them manually.

Awesome. Thanks, Derrek. I presume if I want ‘rit’ or ‘allargando’ on every staff, I have to use Text. (And also, if I want them in Italics.)

I would say “Duplicate to staves below” is your best shot. Set a shortcut for it! Alt+click is far too tedious.

Edit: that should be STAFF below. Wishful thinking on my part…

Thanks, Derrek

Yes! I’ve switch the shortcuts for “Move to Staff Above/Below”, as I’m much more likely to copy than move. However, I have noticed that duplicating doesn’t always expand the staves to allow space for the items. It may be a glitch. But for those instances I can add it manually.

I’ve also worked out that there are two font styles for Tempo Marks: Immediate and Gradual.

Was that in Galley or Page View? Sometimes things overlap in Galley but not in Page View.

Page View. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

However: my first ‘finished’ score in Dorico, and I am really impressed. If I had done this in Finale, I’d still be spending hours fiddling with things, and worrying that respacing had messed stuff about.

Congratulations benwiggy! As a (almost) former Finale user I really can relate to that…!

In Dorico 2 it might even be faster to copy the dynamic, select all the ‘target notes’ at once and paste.

I agree with fkretlow- I’ve tried both ways, and pasting one dynamic into a half dozen (or more) staves in one action is MUCH faster than doing it one staff at a time.