More on Apogee Jam and Cubase 6

How to setup/configure C6 to work with Apogee Jam? Is Jam compatible with Cubase?
Thanks for help

Yes it is, mine just came in yesterday, works great.

I had to go into cubase, select Jam as and audio device, then close and restart cubase and the green light came one.

Very cool!

Hi. I have a problem with C6 and Jam.
I selected Jam as an audio device, restarted, green light on, but I can’t ear any sound.
I record a track (I see the waveform in progressin while recording so i think C6 is correctly recording an audio signal) but I can’t ear anything…
Where is my wrong setup?
I use both a Mac BookPro and a MacBook Air (upgraded to OS 10.7 Lion), with the same problem.
Please help.

Aggregated device!

Sinde the apogee jam is an INPUT ONLY device you have to tell cubase to use that for input and the built - in output as ehh, output.

But in cubase you cannot.

You have to do the following:

in spotlight type"audiomidi setup".

In that window down on the left you will have a + and - sign, click on the plus sign and choose “add aggregated device”.

On the right you will be able to choose your jam as input and the built in audio as an output.

You can click on the name “aggregated device” and give it another name like “Jam to built in” for example.

Do this preferably with cubase NOT RUNNING

Start Cubase.

Go to: Devices/Device Setup

Click VST Audio system

Choose the name of your aggregated device at the right in the drop down box next to asio driver

On the left BELOW VST audio system you can now select the name of your device and click ON THE RIGHT “Control panel”. Here you can lower the buffer size to have better response (lower latency).

Ok, not done yet.

Click “apply” and “ok”.


Devices/VST Connetctions

Inputs: delete all entries and (Right klick on “stereo in” and select remove until there are none). Then select “add bus” and choose"mono". If not done yet you can choose the “name of the aggregated device you created” instead of “not connected”. Click on the “+” sign in the middle and give this config a name. Handy afterwoods.


Basically the same as above only that you should have a stereo output that should be “built in output” both for left and right.

You can also give this a name…


P.S. For monitoring through an audio track you should click on the monitoring icon of that track and have of course in the inspector have the right ins and out selected…


I made a little screencast of the configuration:



Thanks a lot!!!

You’re welcome. Have Fun!