More quick control slots, or midilearn in cubase

Hello! As I have more controllers with more knobs and sliders, I am trying to utilize them more in cubase, making the working process more streamlined.

Quick control slots work quite well, but I wish I had more slots.

For example, I have enough knobs on my controller(s) to pretty much control most of the controls in the strip at the same time. But the problem with the quick controls are the following:

  1. I can only load 8 controls at a time
  2. I can only focus on one strip, plugin at a time.
  3. I have to load the preset first, which makes it take too long time. Especially if you do this on several tracks. You have to switch back and forth.

This makes the quick controls “not that quick” in fact. It is quicker to use a mouse or an “AI knob”, if you happen to have one.

So why don’t I do just that?
The answer might seem silly until you have tried this yourself, but there is something about touching knobs that makes the process so much more satisfying, and you also rely more on your ears instead of looking at sliders and numbers. That is, you mix with your ears instead of your eyes. WHy not use all the knobs I have.

VST instruments have “midilearn”, where you can pretty much apply any controller on the fly, and more than 8. Why can’t this option exist in cubase as well, with the plugins?

So, I am looking for a quicker way to apply my controllers in cubase. The best would be if I could set a controller to ALWAYS control specific parameters before having to set it in quick control first. I do this with my sliders for vitrual instruments in fact, for example I have set certain sliders to always control volume, expression and modulation etc.

New feature in cubase? Anyone has a smart alternative?