More shop purchases for Android


First of all i want to congrat you to cubasis, its amazing how far you have come with this even on android ! Its just perfect for couchplay after work :slight_smile:

Are you planning to offer more app purchases in the store like instruments, samples…

I would love to see other companies also releasing their vsts in this android shop now. There are so many for ios now, but i dont want to pay premium price for this apple stuff.


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Hi @drasko,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

We are glad to read that you seem to enjoy using Cubasis for Android so far. And of course, we will try our best to make the app better with every update.

On a side note:
Unfortunately, Google does not offer the option to use 3rd party plug-ins inside a DAW, as it is possible with Cubasis for iOS, thanks to Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and more.

If you want to see 3rd party plug-in support on Android too, we strongly suggest to let Google know about it, making them aware about the demand.

Best wishes,

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Thx lars!

Do you have a link for me where i can write them?

Meanwhile are you planning to add more steinberg content in the shop?

Your synths, effeckts… improved by a lot!

Nice greets


Hi @drasko,

Thanks for your message.
We will do our best to make Cubasis better with every update.

You may check this link to share your feedback with Google:

Hope that helps!

Stay well,