More than 16x Groove Agent SE causes CPU to throttle down

Cubase 11.0.41 64bit, Windows 10 updated, Groove Agent SE Pro audio only 3XS Scan Audio DAW AMD 5950x RME RayDAT, Antelope Orion SC…

If I load 16 instances of Groove Agent SE instruments - everything is normal. CPU (Task Manager TM) is around 6-9% and ASIO meters almost all the way down. When loading couple more (nr 17 and 18) ASIO Meter Max comes alive. CPU is throttling down - Task Manager CPU goes down from 3.6-3.7GHz all the way down to 1.5GHz - 2.0GHz… My CPU Never goes below 3.5GHz in normal condition. Groove Agent SE is the only plugin I have this problem.

I can run many Many times more for example Battery4 doing similar very simple drum sampler job… This is Not a case of CPU power or RAM running out.

Also - when editing/changing Groove Agent SE ‘Global’ settings Max Voices and Max CPU and Preload/prefetch - They are not stored Globally, but overwritten when you load any older patch. So much for ‘GLOBAL’ parameters…

CPU throttling without ever getting close to max utilization may imply a cooling system problem?

I just ran a test of Groove Agent SE (albeit with Cubase 12) on my ancient i7 CPU all the way to loading and playing increasingly more instances and the CPU consumption went up linearly the more instances I used. – I stopped my testing at 32 instances and my decade old air-cooled i7-4930K went to around 75% CPU consumption, while merrily drumming away with 32 drummers for 10 minutes without throttling or even a meaningful increase in CPU temperatures.

Hi Nico,

thanks for trying out. Yes - it works for you as expected. I can do +100 Battery4 drumming as a stress bench test no problem. In 3XS “Retrologue” test I get +90 Retrologues on 32 sample buffer stress test. The computer has quite good performance.

I don’t think this was a problem on v.5.0.40 ((?) if I remember correctly the version. Too bad the lovely Download Assistant does not let you downgrade easily…


fully agreed!

For that reason I’ve taken to keeping the older installers around for quite a while, so I can downgrade, when needed. Doesn’t happen all that often, but from time to time, it’s proven useful.

Some of the Steinberg stuff is quite half baked. – And they’re not the only one’s. I find downgrading is generally ill supported with many (most?) download managers. So we’re left to work around it ourselves. :frowning_face:

But more importantly - have you looked into a potential temperature issue on your system yet?

Hi Nico,

no this is not a computer/daw/temperature problem. I have a template I’ve been using for +24 months which has maybe 30 Groove Agent SE’s, maybe 10-20 Battery4, Spectrasonics Trilian large bass guitar patch, Keyscape large piano patch, several Kontakt 6’s for GT (demo) tracks, maybe 20-30 Sylenth, Massive, Dune and Serum… It’s a a big template - AND there’s some processing on channels and groups. It’s a whole song/mixing template.

The problem is not computer not having enough power, But once I go over 16x instances of Groove Agent SE Cubase11/or Groove Agent SE 5 somehow starts throttling heavily my computer down from 3.6 GHz down ALL the way down to 1.5-2ghz… This Should NOT be happening.

I just tried with 70+ DDMF MetaSynth (vsti holder) loaded with Groove Agent SE same version. No Throttling down whether I duplicated 16 or 24 or 72 instances of GrooveAgentSE’s… And it is not CPU/ASIO economicly wise to run these instruments in MetaSynth. They run much better without the extra MetaSynth layer… except they don’t in my case.

This sucks… I have sooo many GA_SE banks… it’s a PITA to start convert/building those on Battery4.

Is it fair to assume you have not performed any actual CPU core by core temperature measurements, then?

I have CPU temp in my taskbar most of the time / sometime… The CPU temp is around 38 at this point - There’s 6-9% load in Task Manager with 16 GAse instances. For some very strange reason Cubase-GAse combo starts throttling down the CPU. I have never ever experienced this before. I have been using Cubase and Nuendo almost 30 years professionally.

I have zero issues with my DAW. It performs very well over 90 Retrologues in 3XS stress test@32 sample buffer and 28500+ in Cinebench r23. This is clearly somekind of coding bug/core allocation/ram leak/what ever… It’s very clear as having an extra layer as DDMF Metaplugin what’s inside the GAse I tried to run (+70) and NO problem.

I bet if I still had VST2 version of GAse and I’d run them inside JBridge or Vienna Ensemble Pro locally (vst2/vst3) there would zero problems. This is very frustrating and reading comments about C12 latest update it doesn’t seem much better… Let’s go Steinberg- pick up the game a notch!

I tried 5.0.50 and no help. I think I have 5.0.40 on some backup drive. Let’s see if that helps. And for f’s sake - the installers are not readily available for download…

Sorry for the rant but that’s just how I feel.




I think you can find them if you check with various Cubase releases. Should be…the best/latest release of everything in the version cycle.

So, if you want GA version 5.0.50 (instead of 5.1.11) check here.
Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

If you are hunting something from older Cubase releases, you might have to grab a larger universal download but the best HSSE and GASE releases for the cycle should be included in there somewhere.

Ok… I didn’t expect any help from Steinberg… Thanks for suggestions from users. It’s the same way as it was back in the nuendo forum version 2-5…

I installed Windows clean - new 22H2 version. All drivers, the system runs very clean, minimal OS adjustments. DPC latencies hover around 5-40us and occasional peak to 80-120us - in short it performs Very well. The problem is still there. Reaper or protools does not do this.

This problem exists ONLY when 64-bit precision is chosen from Audio System → Advanced Options → Processing Precision = 64-bit.

32-bit and the CPU throttling down does not happen. I can put HUGE amount of Groove Agent SE’s and the CPU slowly starts to climb UP (from 3.6 GHZ…) as it normally does as more processing load is on the cpu.

And it’s more than obvious that there will NOT be a fix for this… Let’s see if I care to try Nuendo12 or C12… The general talk/experiences do not sound that good what I’ve read about the performance vs C11.