More than 4 FDs

Have already pre-ordered a bunch of these guys from my local store, but wondering whether it’s possible in the future to link more than 4 of the FD modules? 16 is well and good, but 32 would be even nicer right across a desk :slight_smile:

Perhaps a software update etc? Or is it more a hardware limitation?

Yup + 1 for this, my only gripe is there is no Tag/label lcd for each channel, So I may think that it may be difficult to navigate large projects with no label, you would get a bit sick in counting channels continually in locating the right one,although you do get used to it eventually !

Yeah the lack of label/name is a bit of an annoyance, but I think the workaround is to operate from a consistent project template and get used to your own layout.


  • make a new cmc unit(CMC-SeS) that has submodels in variations of 3 scribblescript units
    Dimensions: 3cm high and 10cm/20cm/40cm wide



Maybe we could request a comment from one of the moderators involved with the cmc`s.

The question is wether it is technically doable to utilize more than 4 FD`s and in general
more than 8 units at any given time, please