More than 8 track quick controls

It would be a huge improvement if we could have more than 8 quick controls, preferably a custom amount (as much as possible).
I have a BCR2000 by Behringer that I like to use to control VST effects.
There isn’t an easy way to do this besides quick controls but 8 is a limited number if you want to control multiple eq and compression parameters in different track presets.




You can use the “generic” remote control editor for that, unlimited control presets with unlimited settings per preset

AFAIK that doesn’t work with my BCR2000.
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it seems that it’s just not possible.
It’s discussed in this thread for instance:
Also, controlling vst plugins with the generic remote controler is a hassle.
Especially if you don’t want to use track presets.
If I’m missing something please let me know.

Afaik. I agree. You should be sure before answering like that.