more than one external instrument instance


I love the ability to create External Midi Device in Cubase, this allows me to render in place the external midi more efficiently, then I mute the midi track of my analogue mono synt and let work the audio file.
BUT the is limited to only one instance! … because if I want to create a new instrument track for the same external synth this is not possible, I must first delete the muted midi track and then create the new one. In this way I lost my midi data and sys exlusive that I want to preserve for future editing if I need.
Today the only way I have to work in this scenario is to create a common MIDI track, record and then create a Audio track and record the external instrument separately.

My request: lets create more than one instance of the external midi device that, once selected in the arrange window, deactivate the other created before, avoiding the summing of the audio from other identical tracks.

Love this function but for now is very limited and useless.

Duplicate your tracks, route a second VST, RENDER and UNMUTE (alt+m) selected events. There are many ways to do what I believe you are asking