More Track Picture editing tools - text overlay, brightness, contrast, colour overlay, POP

It would be great to be able to add text to a track picture, say if you have 8 channels using the same guitar picture, you could add your channel numbers ontop of the guitar for each track picture separately. Have Font size, a few different styles, and font colour.

I also have some transparent background .png pictures of DIs, gear, etc… It would be awesome to be able to drag these ontop of a picture that has been selected. For example, with a picture of a guitar amp, I could drag a cut-out picture of a Sennheiser e906 ontop of it.

Some other controls, like brightness/contrast and being able to select the colour of overlay for ‘intensity’ instead of using track colour for the intensity colour. Make it so you can use the track colour if wanted as an option.

You can easily do all that stuff using Photoshop or a free Photoshop clone.

Personally I’d prefer that Steinberg devotes its limited resources to building audio tools rather than trying to reinvent graphic tools that have been developed elsewhere long ago.

Side note - a great source for Track Pictures are the web sites for music stores.

We are working in a graphic representation of audio. The quicker one can see what it is they are looking for, and the more organized - the quicker and larger quantity of audio is produced.

I can easily do, and have easily done all of my track picture work inside Photoshop. But doing it in Cubase would be even easier and quicker. Hence the suggestion. It also prevents clutter of too many track pictures, if you can create some transparent background .png elements to work with and stack on top of one of another - for example, your studios Amps, and your studios mics… Instead of having to photoshop and then have individual photos of each individual amp with each individual mic in every combination… you just have all these as transparent-background .png elements you can drag and resize ontop of one another.

I don’t see how it is reinventing something that is already invented as you describe, is really dinosaur aged code in the coding world… that’s not reinventing something… that’s just taking standard code that is pretty much public domain and incorporating it into the program which they already have… they just sort of went halfway right? Like, they already have ‘Intensity’ which is like a transparent colour overlay code with % value. They already support transparent image types. They have image rotation and zoom.

I tried track picture the other day and was really disappointed in how they stood out, or not stood out, not matter what you did.
It never looked ok.

And nothing in mixer, what I could find. Sonar has a rack for track picture there too, if you want.
I will make a separate request for that.

You can have track pictures displayed in the mixconsole.

Thanks, I should have guessed I missed something - but not among racks it seems.
Nothing in manual, and only looking I found key command for it.

And there were notes on tracks as well, how lovely.

For those having Sonar there is a folder Cakewalk Content which also hols Track Icons - and there are hundreds of images in full color 96x96 px 24 bit all by instrument folder.

I treid without any conversion, and works fine - set intensity to zero and you get nice color.
Though I will remove and make alpha-channel of background for it to become transparent.

Not for redistribution of course, just a tip for Sonar owners.