More VIDEO-EXPORT Functions

It would be nice to have more / better video export functions.

  1. The current format mp4 / H264 creates quite big files and is very slow. It would be nice to have more options for the file format, so I can quickly send video previews to clients

  2. Video Export could be similar to Audio Export. Or even integrated together (export marker regions, select different audio groups …). So I could for example export several marker regions as audio and video file with one click

→ as composer if often get asked to send a video file along with audio file of several scenes in the project. Or video versions with and without music. Right now I can export audio files of different regions very quickly, but when video files are needed for different parts of a project, I have a lot of extra steps to do so and export and name the video parts seperately.
… and in the end the files are quite big for uploading, so I need to convert the files to a different format…

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